How to Meet New People in Valencia: Your Guide to Making Meaningful Connections

Explore Local Events

1. Join Social Clubs and Groups

Valencia boasts numerous social clubs and groups that cater to a wide range of interests. From language exchange meetups to photography clubs, joining these groups can be a great way to meet new people. Websites like and Facebook Groups are excellent resources to find local gatherings.

2. Attend Cultural Events and Festivals

Valencia is known for its rich cultural heritage and lively festivals. Events like Las Fallas, La Tomatina, and various music festivals provide perfect settings to meet locals and fellow travellers. Check out local event listings and cultural calendars to stay updated on upcoming events.

Engage in Outdoor Activities

1. Enjoy Valencia’s Beaches

Valencia’s beautiful beaches are not only great for relaxation but also for socialising. Engage in beach sports, join a beach yoga class, or simply strike up a conversation with fellow beachgoers. Malvarrosa and El Saler are popular beaches where you can meet new people.

2. Join Sports and Fitness Groups

From running clubs to cycling groups, Valencia offers plenty of opportunities to stay active and social. Joining a local sports group is an excellent way to meet health-conscious individuals who share your passion for fitness. Use BuddyApp to find and join local sports groups easily.

Discover Valencia’s Nightlife

1. Visit Popular Bars and Clubs

Valencia’s nightlife is vibrant and diverse, with numerous bars and clubs where you can meet new people. Barrio del Carmen, Ruzafa, and Marina Beach Club are hotspots for nightlife enthusiasts. Attend themed nights and social events to make new connections.

2. Participate in Pub Crawls

Pub crawls are a fun and organised way to explore Valencia’s nightlife while meeting fellow partygoers. Many tour operators organise pub crawls, making it easy to socialise and make friends in a relaxed setting.

Use BuddyApp to Enhance Your Social Experience

1. Discover Plans Near You

BuddyApp makes it incredibly easy to discover plans happening around you. Whether it’s a local meetup, a concert, or a casual get-together, BuddyApp curates a personalised list of plans based on your interests and location. Download BuddyApp for iOS or Android and start exploring.

2. Create and Join Events

With BuddyApp, you can create your own events and invite others to join. Whether you’re planning a beach day, a hiking trip, or a coffee meetup, BuddyApp’s intuitive interface makes event planning a breeze. Connect with like-minded individuals and manage RSVPs all in one place.

3. Connect with Like-minded People

BuddyApp’s intelligent matching system suggests potential friends and acquaintances based on shared interests and past event participation. This ensures that every new connection you make is meaningful and relevant. Download BuddyApp for iOS or Android to start connecting today.

Embrace the Local Culture

1. Learn Spanish

Learning Spanish can significantly enhance your social experience in Valencia. Attend language classes, join language exchange meetups, or use apps to practice your Spanish skills. Speaking the local language can open up new opportunities for making friends.

2. Participate in Community Activities

Engage with local communities by participating in neighbourhood events, volunteering, and supporting local businesses. Valencia’s community spirit is strong, and getting involved can help you build lasting connections.


Valencia offers endless opportunities to meet new people and make meaningful connections. From attending local events and engaging in outdoor activities to exploring the nightlife and using BuddyApp, there are numerous ways to expand your social circle. Download BuddyApp for iOS or Android today and start discovering, planning, and connecting like never before. Embrace the vibrant culture of Valencia and make the most of your time in this beautiful city.

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